June 9, 2021

Flash Shoe: The Book


I turned my favorite NY photos from this blog into a Photo Book! There are about 30 pages of nearly all full-color photos taking the reader onto a journey through some of the prettiest places in NYC, over time and through the seasons. Each page (except 1) has 4 photos, all re-edited by me this year. 

Printed by Popsa. 

December 31, 2015

2015 in Review









September, October, and November


2015 was a darn good year. I explored the City more than I ever had, completing my "NYC Photos" project; met with friends; celebrated with family at home; drank cups upon cups upon cups of coffee at cafes (favorite: Intelligentsia); ran on the treadmill, in parks, and in races; discovered so much good new music and finally went to Tanglewood; read some pretty good books (favorites: Just Kids and Novels and Stories); played in the best piano trio; crossed so many items off my NYC bucket list; watched movies and videos that made me think, laugh, and cry; learned new things at work and said goodbye to my work friends; started grad school; and started getting to know more people.

I'm so ready for 2016! It's going to be bolder and better than ever before!

The adventure continues here.

December 30, 2015

Back in NYC

So much packed into a three-day visit. Some favorites: the windows at Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue, the delicious lunch at Hummus Place in the Village on Christmas Day, the Art of Style at the Met (accompanied by a Chopin piano piece arranged for strings), and the colors and lights all over the City.

November 14, 2015


It doesn't feel right to continue adding my non-NY adventures to this blog. My current adventures, updated from time to time, will be moved to a different location TBA.

To new readers and those inclined to remember the past, click on the links below to see some of what my New York looked like, or explore the blog freely, like I did the City:



Morningside        Harlem
                       Upper                        Upper          Roosevelt
                                                        West               [CP]      East            Island
Side                     Side 

                                                                Times Square Murray Hill

Chelsea        Gramercy
West           Greenwich            East 
Village           Village                  Village 

            SoHo    Little        Lower
                          Italy       East Side

    Tribeca             Chinatown 
                                                                 Battery Park


                                                                           Governor's Island

BROOKLYN (partial)


                    DUMBO    Downtown                     Williamsburg
              Brooklyn          Brooklyn                                                            Bushwick
          Heights                                          Fort        Clinton            Bed-Stuy
                                                           Greene              Hill
              Cobble Hill    Boerum Hill             Prospect Heights           Crown 
                   Caroll        Gowanus           Park 
              Gardens                                    Slope         [Prospect 
                                                             Grand Army Plaza                                    
          Red Hook 

                         Sunset Park       Borough      Kensington       Flatbush 
                     Bay Ridge
                                                Dyker              Bensonhurst
                     Ft Hamilton       Heights           Bath Beach 
                                                                               Homecrest       Sheepshead Bay
                                        Coney            Brighton 
                                        Island              Beach       

 Subway Art 

BRONX  (selected)

Bronx Zoo           

QUEENS  (selected)


                             Long Island City

STATEN ISLAND  (selected)

                                       Staten Island

Here's to having had 5 years and so many cups of coffee in New York! And to future visits in the City!


September 5, 2015

{ Pause }

After I left NYC for a new city in mid-August, my computer (with all my photos) unfortunately died.  This blog will be on pause for a bit as I get settled. I anticipate at least continuing my "week in photos" series, if in a different format. 

More adventures to come soon!

- A 

August 13, 2015


The week in photos. 
From the week of goodbyes, with new adventures just around the corner.

08/06/15: Morning caffeine. 
08/07/15: Evening walk. 
08/08/15: Shakespeare in the Park at last. (It was fascinating!)
08/09/15: Brunch at Extra Virgin at last. 
08/10/15: Detail from Brooklyn Heights.  
08/11/15: Summer sunset. 
08/12/15: BPL at night.

August 10, 2015


Shakespeare in the Park at last (patience and luck prevailed). French toast with fresh mascarpone at Extra Virgin in the morning. The best coffee in my neighborhood (Postmark).  Avocado toast in the morning and a digestive with tea in the afternoon. Strolls in West Village and the Upper West Side, and peek into a performance at Lincoln Center. And a green juice to close out the day.