Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This weekend was even better than the last. This one was filled with conversation over a Pink Poodle and a Blue Cow ice cream float at Brooklyn Farmacy in Carroll Gardens. There were also multiple walks along President St. (because it was worth going back to the neighborhood to see more) and a longer but worthwhile trek to the library. In short, this weekend had all the elements that make up a wonderful weekend: little talks, little surprises, new friends and music, some outdoor time, and some needed "me time."

Not pictured: loving the music of Stromae (especially "Formidable"), finding time to read more, finally making (indoor) s'mores, and buying a little journal to start my workday off right.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Highlights from the High Line

Because last week's post was a little flower-heavy, I decided to save these details from the High Line for today. The High Line is so lovely in the summer.

Friday, July 25, 2014

On the Sill

I spent a long time deciding on my flowers for the week. It'd been a while since I last bought flowers, and there were so many enticing options at the market. When I came home in the end, I realized that I picked the bouquet composed of nearly all the available flowers! As if that weren't good enough, I also realized I had enough flowers to have not one but two bouquets. (I'm actually happier with the bouquet that I arranged myself!)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

20 Minutes of Summer

I had resolved earlier to have a full New York summer, complete with uniquely summery events. Unfortunately, it seems that it was not quite meant to be.

Last week, I had been looking forward to hearing Joshua Bell play the Bruch Violin Concerto in Central Park, but the event got cancelled due to rain. Yesterday, I was looking forward to seeing my first outdoor movie in New York. I managed to grab a seat at South St. Seaport and watched as the main character (a young boy) began to befriend the alien. Twenty minutes later, in real life, the first droplets from the sky began to fall, and soon enough, the droplets turned into a summer shower. I tried waiting it out in a nearby store with a few others, watching the sky, which was dark purple, flash a lighter shade of purple.

Unfortunately, the rain didn't slow down enough to make the movie watchable, and I had to go home. At least I saw lightening flash across the sky as I walked towards the train station. It's been a while since I've seen lightening like that. Oh New York in the summer...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Flower District in the Summer

I promised myself earlier that I would visit the Flower District in other seasons, and I made good on my own word. I think I prefer the spring showing over the summer one, but I did appreciate the lighter blooms I saw.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Union Square Farmer's Market

I've written about New York farmer's markets before, and how they're an essential part of the City. Taking advantage of the fact that I would be going to "The Strand" this past weekend, I stopped by the Union Square Farmer's market. I enjoyed how colorful and vibrant the foods and the people were, and I was more than glad to find affordable and beautiful flowers there as well. I can't wait to see what it'll have to offer as the seasons change. Until then, I'll delight in rows of sunflowers.

Monday, July 21, 2014


This weekend was by far the nicest in recent memory. New York seemed to come alive, and as strangers approached me to share their thoughts, I remembered that I am in New York. Having spent just Saturday at The Strand, the Union Square farmer's market, Westsider Records, and Lincoln Center, and having bought the first cherries of the season and the first (affordable!) flowers in a while, summer suddenly felt limitless, and I was happy.

I wasn't sure how to top that on Sunday, but after finally spending some time making my room cozier, I resolved to see the Flower District and the High Line in the summer, as I had promised myself earlier. My trip ending up being an adventure of sorts, or an opportunity to explore parts of the City that I somehow never managed to visit. I ended up home later than anticipated, tired but still pretty happy. In the end, I marvel at how the little moments really do make life beautiful.

Not pictured: listening to Danse Macabre and Tzigane on repeat in the morning, becoming a little addicted to Pepero/Pocky, sipping a chocolate shake from Grom, trying raspberry and chocolate shaved ice for the first time, and waiting for butterflies on the High Line.