April 23, 2015


The week in photos. 
From the week of warmth.

04/16/15: Traded Carnegie Hall for classical music at The Strand.
04/17/15: Started the morning off right at Stumptown.
04/18/15: In the North End. 
04/19/15: Spring comes to Boston. 
04/20/15: Read this week. 
04/21/15: I think it happened this way last year too. Spring came to New York suddenly. 
04/22/15: From a quiet night.

April 22, 2015

Long Weekend

From a weekend at home. That featured a breakfast out with coffee and a poptart from Stumptown (fancy). Tulips and other signs of spring in the City. A scenic train ride back home. Time to play violin. A brunch date in the North End with one friend. A walk in a dog park with another, and a walk home by my old high school. Precious time spent with family, even if it wasn't at "Seymour." Inspiration from the Boston Marathon (and a run when I got home). I'm so grateful for my family and friends, and a second place to call home.

April 17, 2015

5th Avenue at Night

On Tuesday night, I headed uptown for free ice cream, not realizing beforehand that I would enjoy the simple happiness of walking downtown along 5th Avenue just as much. I think 5th Avenue really highlights the City well. It's where one can view Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler (which gets me every time, even after nearly five years in the City) and the Empire State Building, the main branch of the New York Public Library, the Flatiron building, and yellow taxis aplenty without ever needing to turn a corner. For the new New Yorker or the time-strapped tourist, I'd recommend a long walk down New York's big avenue. 

Scenes from last night, in words: 
Since I couldn't make it to Carnegie Hall at night and it was too cold for frozen yogurt, I decided to head to Union Square. There I drank my first hot chocolate from the bald man and spent a few hours browsing books at The Strandwhile listening to the classical music playing over the store's sound system. I think it was a pretty good trade-off.  Sweetening the night, I found a book called "In Love in New York," which contained many of the lovely places I was fortunate to explore in the city (as well a few more that I'm now strongly considering).

April 16, 2015


The week in photos. 
From the week of wishes. 

04/09/15: Reunion night, briefly. 
04/10/15: Morning fog. 
04/11/15: I smiled. 
04/12/15: I loved walking around Brooklyn Heights this day. 
04/13/15: On the sill at night. 
04/14/15: When the City brings out the magic. (Rockefeller Center.)
04/15/15:  Breakfast out at Gorilla.  

April 15, 2015

Brooklyn Heights

I've shared bits and pieces of Brooklyn Heights in this blog (including some pretty sunset views), but not enough for a "NYC Photos" post, or enough to do the neighborhood justice. It's a very pretty area that's blessed with convenient stores, river views, historically significant places (including a stop on the Underground Railroad), and pretty homes.

NY Corners:
Brooklyn Heights is special to me because it's where I went after my chamber music concert, and it's where I rehearse chamber music now. It's where I celebrated with my co-workers for several consecutive years. It's where I've sometimes run for groceries and books (both chain store and independent). In recent years, it's where I've been coming for a view of the water when I don't want to make a second trip to Manhattan. It's where one of my favorite modern musicians made his debut and final goodbye. It's where I went for a view of some gorgeous fireworks.  

April 14, 2015


Even though these past few weeks have been difficult, I'm grateful for: music that helps turn my mood around, even if only for a few minutes at a time; books that I can get lost in and laugh at; the warmer days ahead; the trip home I'm making this weekend; unconditional love; all of my so-called hobbies; my fun chamber music group and the great music we've been able to play for so long; all of the time I've spent making New York home while knowing I'll always have another home to go to if I want or need to; everything I've seen in the City and everything I'm planning to see; how I don't plan on losing hope; friends who are there for me when I need them; how the world seems to be getting better, little by little; new recipes I've decided to try; and treadmills I've tried and running paths I plan to use in a few weeks. | sounds for these thoughts: superpower.  

April 13, 2015

Spring Weekend

From the first weekend I was able to put on my spring jacket and read outdoors before it got too cold. I passed the time in Prospect Park. Made a a fig butter, cheese, and arugula sandwich at home (inspired by our cellist's past trip to France). Planned on going to Cafe Integral, which ended up being closed. Wound up circling SoHo only to end up at McNally Jackson, where I finished "Kafka" with a latte (caffeine-light, but a great spot to read). Indulged with cake, macarons, and edible cookie dough, because it was a rough week. Spent the late afternoon back in Brooklyn Heights, walking the park and the fruit streets. Ended up home with two more books to read. Imagined how soon spring would be back in the City.