July 6, 2015

Upper East Side

I've been wanting to post a solid Upper East Side "NYC Photos" post for a while. When I decided to cross going to LadurĂ©e off my bucket list, I thought it was the perfect time to photograph the surrounding neighborhood too.

Of all NYC neighborhoods, the Upper East Side does fancy best. There are so many beautiful architectural details to take in, both on and around buildings. And sometimes, being on the Upper East Side feels like being in Europe (or so I imagine). The buildings, compared with the French shops, the tourists or residents speaking foreign languages, and the varied consulates make it all too easy to feel this way.

NY Corners | For a long time, I saw the Upper East Side as "colder" than its west-side sister. There weren't as many families or welcoming eateries, it had seemed to me. But actually, there's a lot to appreciate here, and a lot that I have taken advantage of. There's Carl Shurz Park and Central Park to stroll, The Museum Mile to weave in and out of, ivory-covered houses to admire, and fashionable stores to visit.  

July 2, 2015


The week in photos. 
From the week of travels. From half way into the year. 
06/25/15: Summer inspiration and a quick trip uptown. 
06/26/15: Refreshing. 
06/27/15: On the Upper East Side. 
06/28/15: On the Upper East Side, Part II. 
06/29/15: City art.
06/30/15: On the High Line. 
07/01/15: From movie night to coffee morning. 

June 30, 2015

End of the Month

This past month (a rainy one) saw me traveling east, west, and north, and even across state lines, spending time with friends and family. The weather notwithstanding, I confirmed where the best cookies in Manhattan can be found. Pondered over coffee cups and on trains. (Also decided which coffee shop felt most like New York.) Read a variety of little books and caught a movie. Ran, tried a new gym class, and challenged myself physically. Crossed items off my bucket list, eating fancy gelato, listening to live orchestral music, and doing yoga in parks. I'm looking forward to the coming month, for which I've already dreamed up some exciting plans!

June 29, 2015

Weekend on the East Side

From a fun-filled but surprisingly very relaxing weekend, which is how I'd like to spend the rest of my weekends this month and next.

From a weekend where I saw Saturn through a telescope at Lincoln Center and couldn't believe it was real. Where I bounced on a mini-trampoline at a rebounding class at the gym (really intense and fun, and definitely worth repeating!). Where I finally went inside LadurĂ©e on the Upper East Side and tried cherry blossom and rose macarons. (The inside had a little parlor for desserts and teas, and the macarons seemed to taste better than others I've tried.) Explored the neighborhood two days in a row (more on that later). Learned some family history. Saw "Interstellar" after becoming familiar with it from its soundtrack (really enjoyed it). Drank a latte and ate a chocolate chip cookie at Everyman Espresso (just the right amount of bitterness, but not caffeinated enough. Great "chill" atmosphere.) To many more weekends like this!

June 26, 2015

East 180 St.

As far as I can tell, the Bronx has some of the prettiest subway art. Once the train goes above ground, it stops at platforms with colorful glass windows featuring flowers and animals that look even more beautiful in the summer sunlight. These are from E. 180 St. on the 2/5 line.

June 25, 2015


The week in photos. 
From the week of specific experiences.
06/18/15: Yoga in Bryant Park. 
06/19/15: Pasta night. 
06/20/15: On the way back from "Eden."
06/21/15: A great morning for a coffee-tasting.  
06/22/15: Reading this week (and next).
06/23/15: Right before the storm. The best. 
06/24/15: To the zoo! 

June 24, 2015

Boston Memories

From last week. Brunches with friends. Runs and swims in the center of town. A birthday. A walk along the esplanade. Summer roses. Inspiration on the streets. From a happy time in my first hometown.