March 27, 2015

From an Afternoon at Jack's

Spending some time sipping frothy tea at Jack's was probably the highlight of my weekend. I had a clear view of the outside and the sunlight hit the cafe perfectly. I also enjoyed looking at the seemingly random assortment of photos on the walls.

I just might be back, Jack.

March 26, 2015


The week in photos.
From the week of New York (and life) sweetly re-discovered. 

3/19/15: Willing spring to arrive.
3/20/15: Happy Spring! (I guess the strawberries didn't work.)
3/21/15: Watching this week.
3/22/15: On the way through Little Italy.
3/23/15: Finally tried Jack's. Very nice.
3/24/15: Got my boots ready for the season.
3/25/15: I was given this at the gym. For the Karlie Kloss-ification of my life.

March 24, 2015

The Weekend

From a weekend free of coffee but full of sunlight that led me wandering through Little Italy, Chinatown, and the edge of SoHo. From a weekend of movies and teas with milk. Of plans for spring-cleaning and site-seeing. Of a ritual trip to the library and a regular trip to the gym. Of great song pairings. Of time spent discovering the music of Patti Smith.

This too was a good weekend. I'm hopeful it'll keep getting better from here.

March 23, 2015

Little Italy

It's been a while since I've taken and posted photos of Little Italy and Nolita, though I've walked through the neighborhood, which is cut across by parts of Chinatown and SoHo, since then. Little Italy is a historic neighborhood. The Italian heritage is most easily visible in the Italian restaurants lining Mullberry Street, which are flanked by men advertising them. I noticed the cafes more this time around, with one of them claiming to have the best cannoli in New York. Also of note was the building art.

New York Corners: 
In photographing Little Italy this past weekend, I realized that I visited Ferrara Bakery and Cafe with friends here on my birthday a few years ago. I was also reminded of how my closest friend and I ate in one of the restaurants in the neighborhood and of how I enjoyed the atmosphere (candles on tables in a dimmed room, surrounded by large windows). I remember photographing the outside of old St. Patrick's Cathedral with my Olympus camera, surprised by the results. I remember admiring the statue of Puck in 2011 and realizing in 2015 that he stands on the  REI site, where I bought my umbrella for my California trip. I remember walking by adorable wall art earlier this year and then stumbling into McNally Jackson while cutting through the neighborhood.

These are my little corners of New York.

March 19, 2015


The week in photos.

From the week of grays and colors.

03/12/15: Yes to spring showers
03/13/15: ...and spring flowers.
03/14/15: Afternoon coffee spot. (Just what I needed.)
03/15/15: My favorite cup.
03/16/15: Birds on wires.
03/07/15: St. Patrick's Day.
03/18/15: Good thoughts.

March 17, 2015

East Village II

This set, which I took this past weekend (when the lighting was better), shows a prettier, artsier side to the East Village than my previous one. It's somewhat unrepresentative because grittiness (to me) is an essential feature of East Village, but's it's definitely a way to see the neighborhood. I see East Village in connected fire escapes, detailing on buildings, graffiti, ethnic remnants, and commercialization.

March 16, 2015


From a weekend that felt like spring. That took me from Lincoln Center down to East Village. That saw me watch the rain from behind the window at Cafe Grumpy, with a Times article about perfume (the place itself was cozy and the coffee itself was good.) That witnessed me buy a little gift and a teeny tiny plant for my room. Where I read interviews in two books I had long waited for and listened to the Goldberg Variations. Where I bought a face wash with sea minerals (really liking it so far.) Where I decided that I would add seeing Carnegie Hall to my bucket list. It was refreshing. I'm grateful for weekends like this.