March 6, 2015

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We were surprised at work yesterday with a slightly early closing. I got home with this song in my head and relished watching the snow falling down fast as I sipped a cup of homemade hot chocolate (cliche as it may sound. It was lovely to me.) While I have long thought that I was ready for spring, I thought the trees and streets looked magical yesterday. I'll hold out until spring and be grateful that I have more opportunities to cherish the nicest aspects of winter.

March 5, 2015


The week in photos.
From the week of happy moments.

02/26/15: Yes.
02/27/15: Walk in Central Park.
02/28/15: Coffee and a paper. 
03/01/15: Reading this week.
03/02/15: On the way home.
03/03/15: Took the evening off. 
03/04/15:  Grateful to be in Manhattan this morning.

March 3, 2015

Three-Day Weekend

From a full weekend that flew by all too quickly. From one that included a visit to the City Bakery for the Hot Chocolate Festival and a chamber music concert featuring Beethoven, Mozart, and two modern composers. A library trip, a creative salad with sriracha dressing, and violin. A long walk in Central Park. A latte and The New York Times at Venticinque Cafe (nice atmosphere). A macchiato at Cafe Martin (small portions) and Duolingo, for learning French. Another item added to my NYC bucket list and gratitude for the weekend.

February 28, 2015

End of the Month

All in all, February was not a bad month. I played great music, listened to fantastic music, felt inspired by a documentary, began sprucing up my room, tried new recipes, read books, met up with a friend, ate some good take-out, and didn't let the weather stop me from knocking an item off my NYC bucket list. Now, let's see what March has to offer.  

February 25, 2015


The week in photos.

From the week of little things that made me happy.

2/19/14: Almost Friday.
2/20/14: Coffee to start my day right.
2/21/14: Winter on the east side.
2/22/14: Inspired by one of favorite local places.
2/23/14: An interesting thought.
2/24/14: Some humor for the way home.
2/25/14: Rush hour. (Is it just me or does it seem to be getting a good deal lighter outside?)

February 24, 2015


This past weekend was really nice. I caught up with a friend over a Nutella Fitzgerald at a coffee shop and met a quiet husky named Shadow. I also squeezed in a quick visit to The Strand and a trip to the library to check out an armful of books.

February 19, 2015


The week in photos.

From the week of lovely music and books.

2/12/15: Valentine's Day present.
2/13/15: Cookbooks for Friday nights. 
2/14/15: Morning coffee/tea and music from cafe days. 
2/15/15: Stayed up reading this. 
2/16/15: Monday's looking up. 
2/17/15: Currently.
2/18/15: Early bedtimes and dreams of books.