May 19, 2015

Yellow Taxis, Part I

It doesn't matter if there are yellow taxis in other cities. To me, a yellow taxi is one of the most defining features of New York City, and I love capturing them often. My camera's slow shutter speed sometimes makes it a challenge but sometimes helpsby blurring the motion and capturing movement, which is also captures the city.  The speed of things here is something I've gotten used to and often like. These photos are from the past three months.  


  1. So perfect! The third to last is my favorite. It makes the photograph seem so real. I feel like a lot of photos become only an object. I miss the city, and I am hoping to move there next year. So, these photos are really making my insides jump!

    1. Thanks so much! That's a cool perspective - that movement makes the photo seem more real. Good luck on the move! The City does have a lot of qualities that make it attractive! I'm grateful that I've been able to live here for nearly half a decade.