May 15, 2015

Thankful Today

Thankful for a slower day. For fresh vegetables and new recipes to try. For my closest high school friend coming to town this weekend. (I think we're going to paint the town.) For realizing that I could play Bach, and resolving to do so. For the opportunity to see so many things in the City, and to have called this place home for nearly five years. For the realization that I could run faster. For how so many people are going to run the Brooklyn Half this weekend, and how inspiring that is. For new comfortable shoes. For fresh flowers. For great music, and the role it plays in my life. For giving in to chocolate cravings (fudge mint and espresso). For a free latte. For books that inspire and lives that do the same. For stumbling upon tea that takes me back to Jerusalem (and is on sale to boot). For the Manhattan skyline. For how I seem to still discover places of the city I hadn't seen before. For the weekend.

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