April 14, 2015


Even though these past few weeks have been difficult, I'm grateful for: music that helps turn my mood around, even if only for a few minutes at a time; books that I can get lost in and laugh at; the warmer days ahead; the trip home I'm making this weekend; unconditional love; all of my so-called hobbies; my fun chamber music group and the great music we've been able to play for so long; all of the time I've spent making New York home while knowing I'll always have another home to go to if I want or need to; everything I've seen in the City and everything I'm planning to see; how I don't plan on losing hope; friends who are there for me when I need them; how the world seems to be getting better, little by little; new recipes I've decided to try; and treadmills I've tried and running paths I plan to use in a few weeks. | sounds for these thoughts: superpower.  

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