April 15, 2015

Brooklyn Heights

I've shared bits and pieces of Brooklyn Heights in this blog (including some pretty sunset views), but not enough for a "NYC Photos" post, or enough to do the neighborhood justice. It's a very pretty area that's blessed with convenient stores, river views, historically significant places (including a stop on the Underground Railroad), and pretty homes.

NY Corners:
Brooklyn Heights is special to me because it's where I went after my chamber music concert, and it's where I rehearse chamber music now. It's where I celebrated with my co-workers for several consecutive years. It's where I've sometimes run for groceries and books (both chain store and independent). In recent years, it's where I've been coming for a view of the water when I don't want to make a second trip to Manhattan. It's where one of my favorite modern musicians made his debut and final goodbye. It's where I went for a view of some gorgeous fireworks.  

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