April 6, 2015

South of Houston Steet

From last weekend's trip to SoHo, because it deserves more photos than I've shared here.

NY Corners:
Even when I first photographed SoHo, I associated it with great architecture and art. That's still true today, though I'd now also add fashion, shopping, and "trendiness" to that list. SoHo is where I've gone for Fashion Week. It's where I've gone shopping. It's where I walked down Broadway and really felt the size of this City. It's where I noticed hearts all over.

Last weekend, I also remembered how many water-towers and yellow taxes there are in SoHo. SoHo is like the Upper West Side's little sistersmaller, but more energetic and spunky too.

I also remembered how many little surprises SoHo regularly seems to throw my way, like unique art and tulips outside a subway entrance, even when it's 35 degrees outside.

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