December 8, 2014

The 12 Days of Flashbacks: 2

12 days of photos looking back on the past calendar year.


Snow was, without question, the most memorable part of February. We saw snow like we hadn't seen it in a long, long time. Our workplace even closed early for several days in a row, which is a rarity, and I used the opportunity to work while drinking hot chocolate. I also remember reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn," which became one of my favorite books of all year. I described it as heartbreaking, beautiful, and memorable. (I still remember the girls pouring coffee down the sink and eating oatmeal with condensed milk.)

I don't remember much else about the month, though according to my blog posts for the time, I seem to have traveled more around the city, visiting The High Line for the first time in a while, heading to Coney Island to see what it looked like in the winter, spending time in midtown, venturing uptown for cookies at Levain Bakery with a friend and down to Bay Ridge for Middle Eastern food with another friend, seeing the French part of the Village, and even checking out the Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Botanical Garden. In other words, I had a really full month that I am trying to replicate for the remainder of the year.

This makes me wonder why I don't remember so much of it without photographs to jog my memory. Scientific American seems to offer one answer: "looking up" a memory (like Google-searching it in your mind) isn't a process that works very well.

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