September 15, 2014


My weekend was inspired by this Vogue video and a dash of delightful spontaneity.

I actually liked The Juice Press so much that I think I will make it my monthly treat (this weekend's drink was The Fountain of Youth. So healthful.) More generally, walking around Greenwich Village in the rain, with yellow taxis around to remind me where I was, felt magical, and I look forward to going back again. The West Village sure is charming, but I think the larger area covered by Greenwich Village can be dreamy too. Since moving to New York, I've covered its main features, but I look forward to discovering its less famous corners.

Also of note this weekend was Pistachio-Gianduia gelato for dinner (a first!), Rose Black Tea for work, and a rush of inspiration for life. Come this weekend, I will be ready for fall.

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