July 6, 2015

Upper East Side

I've been wanting to post a solid Upper East Side "NYC Photos" post for a while. When I decided to cross going to Ladurée off my bucket list, I thought it was the perfect time to photograph the surrounding neighborhood too.

Of all NYC neighborhoods, the Upper East Side does fancy best. There are so many beautiful architectural details to take in, both on and around buildings. And sometimes, being on the Upper East Side feels like being in Europe (or so I imagine). The buildings, compared with the French shops, the tourists or residents speaking foreign languages, and the varied consulates make it all too easy to feel this way.

NY Corners | For a long time, I saw the Upper East Side as "colder" than its west-side sister. There weren't as many families or welcoming eateries, it had seemed to me. But actually, there's a lot to appreciate here, and a lot that I have taken advantage of. There's Carl Shurz Park and Central Park to stroll, The Museum Mile to weave in and out of, ivory-covered houses to admire, and fashionable stores to visit.  

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