June 1, 2015


From a half-weekend kind of weekend that I am re-claiming this morning. Some things I'd like to remember about these past few days: finding what may be my favorite coffee-house (foamy coffee, home-like place), though I'd have to go to Stumptown one more time to be sure. Discovering even more opportunities for the summer than I thought were possible, and delighting in using those as back-up summer plans for rainy days. Wearing summer colors. Running and jogging along the reservoir, and realizing that I never loved it as much as when I was running it, with the smell of fresh water in my nose and the wind blowing towards me. Daydreaming on the train, and finding moments of stillness when the D train's lights went off in a tunnel. Getting back into yoga at home, and realizing how good it feels. The Empire State building, all in white. Recipe-testing for this week's potluck at work. Warm weather followed by the inevitable, refreshing summer shower.

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. Ah, love! I've been eating strawberries like it's my job lately - so happy about this beautiful weather lately. Kisses