June 29, 2015

Weekend on the East Side

From a fun-filled but surprisingly very relaxing weekend, which is how I'd like to spend the rest of my weekends this month and next.

From a weekend where I saw Saturn through a telescope at Lincoln Center and couldn't believe it was real. Where I bounced on a mini-trampoline at a rebounding class at the gym (really intense and fun, and definitely worth repeating!). Where I finally went inside LadurĂ©e on the Upper East Side and tried cherry blossom and rose macarons. (The inside had a little parlor for desserts and teas, and the macarons seemed to taste better than others I've tried.) Explored the neighborhood two days in a row (more on that later). Learned some family history. Saw "Interstellar" after becoming familiar with it from its soundtrack (really enjoyed it). Drank a latte and ate a chocolate chip cookie at Everyman Espresso (just the right amount of bitterness, but not caffeinated enough. Great "chill" atmosphere.) To many more weekends like this!

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