April 17, 2015

5th Avenue at Night

On Tuesday night, I headed uptown for free ice cream, not realizing beforehand that I would enjoy the simple happiness of walking downtown along 5th Avenue just as much. I think 5th Avenue really highlights the City well. It's where one can view Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler (which gets me every time, even after nearly five years in the City) and the Empire State Building, the main branch of the New York Public Library, the Flatiron building, and yellow taxis aplenty without ever needing to turn a corner. For the new New Yorker or the time-strapped tourist, I'd recommend a long walk down New York's big avenue. 

Scenes from last night, in words: 
Since I couldn't make it to Carnegie Hall at night and it was too cold for frozen yogurt, I decided to head to Union Square. There I drank my first hot chocolate from the bald man and spent a few hours browsing books at The Strandwhile listening to the classical music playing over the store's sound system. I think it was a pretty good trade-off.  Sweetening the night, I found a book called "In Love in New York," which contained many of the lovely places I was fortunate to explore in the city (as well a few more that I'm now strongly considering).

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  1. Nightly walks and ice cream are always a great combination:) Love those photos. Happy morning, lovely.