March 9, 2015


From an unexpectedly music-filled weekend that more than made up for some snafus in planning. It started with thoughts of violin while waiting for the Q, which were quickly followed by a live performance of Vieuxtemp's fourth violin concerto (not mine.) The train brought me to Union Square, where I at last tried a lavender latte. I consider the drink worth tasting, though it didn't provide the jolt of wakefulness that coffee normally does.

I photographed East Village and felt inspired enough to head to Koreatown for probably the first time in years, making note of products I wanted to try in the near future. My adventure didn't leave enough time for a chamber music concert or a trip to the New York Library for the Performing Arts, but I should take care of both next weekend.

Sunday brought slower-paced fun that included a trip uptown, a trip to the Central Library, and time spent enjoying the fresh, warmer air as I ran errands.

This week, I'm looking forward to starting the week off at a slower-than-expected pace, getting the books I've been wanting, chamber music rehearsal, and catching up on so many things.

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