December 12, 2014

The 12 Days of Flashbacks: 4

12 days of photos looking back on the past calendar year


April grew warmer with time, my memory says. While I longed to usher in summer, I really enjoyed the sunlight, flowers, and evening walks that month, my photos tell me. I also traveled around Brooklyn and Manhattan with my camera in hand. I loved playing Beethoven in chamber music rehearsals. I treated myself to a crepe and a chocolate shake after cleaning my space. I tried my first-ever iced coffee and baked cake. I ran my first-ever 5k and delighted in Central Park.

According to an article on UChicago's Student Health and Counseling Services website, it naturally becomes harder to recall information as one ages, though memory retrieval problems have to do with the emotional state the person was in when forming the memory and that person's attention or concentration when forming the memory. Well, that would help explain why I remember my 5K well! While I certainly want really happy memories, over time, I think I'd rather have an even month regularly enough than be flooded with too many emotions or memories. 

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