December 31, 2014


Today is Day 12 in "The 12 Days of Flashbacks," or 12 days of photos looking back on the past calendar year.

I think that while 2014 was not without its low points, overall, it was my best year yet.

I spent many happy hours with friends both old and new, as well as family.

I enjoyed the seasons much more than I had in the past.

I tried to make the most of what the City had to offer, trying new cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, and museums; watching the marathon; seeing a movie; spending time in parks and libraries; and watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

I finally took a vacation and made some trips back home.

I got into running and chamber music and made good on my commitments to read and photograph more.

I am grateful for it all and I hope to build on it for the coming year.

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