November 27, 2014


On this Thanksgiving Thursday, I am grateful for: a day off. For books and music that keep me company on my way to work and when I get home. For having decided to study violin seriously this year, and played some beautiful music as a result. For my first recital in years. For the resolve to have run a 5K, and for having planned to repeat it. For having gotten into running. For how much more I've gotten into photography, and for plans to make taking pictures better just around the corner. For fully celebrating so much, from the holidays to the seasons. For having taken a real vacation this year.

For having made a couple of trips back home that made me feel supported. For starting off the year with an extended birthday celebration, and for planning to end it with another celebration. For friends who try to stay in touch with me. For video chats, coffee dates, brunches, dinners, and reunions. For time spent alone. For Central Park and Prospect Park. For plans to take more advantage of this great City I live in, despite the expense. For having an open mind, and seeing where that takes me. For planning on making the most of the remainder of this year. (I have quite a few changes planned!)

 From a briefly snowy New York, Happy Thanksgiving!

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