April 14, 2014


This one was delightful. It started off with the hiss of vinyl recorded on video and the taste of sweet cinnamon, and continued through the experience of a sudden Spring. Then there was the summertime music of Ella, and the exciting music of Beethoven (as sight-read by our chamber group.) There was a Saturday trip to the library, where the librarian commented on the classic movies I had rented ('Casablanca' and 'Citizen Kane'), and a late-night annual run to Fairway on the Upper West Side, where I observed stereotypical New Yorkers. I cleaned my apartment thoroughly, dusting, mopping, and organizing, and left room for a walk on the Brooklyn Heights promenade.

Along the way and while there, I bumped into staff I love, and realized that I do love New York. I realized that the Chrysler is my favorite building in the City, and that she looks beautiful even from Brooklyn. I capped off the weekend with my first chocolate shake, and now think I'll be ready to tackle the week.

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